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New products have been added to our store in February 2017
  1. Amate Paper Art
    Price: $30.00
    Amate Paper Art
    Many new 12" x 16" art pieces are available & can be seen by Clicking on the VIEW COLLECTION button
  2. Amate Paper Art
    Price: $55.00
    Amate Paper Art
    Many new 17-1/2" x 17-1/2"" art pieces are available & can be seen by Clicking on the VIEW COLLECTION button
  3. Framed Art
    Not For Sale
    Framed Art
    Although we do not do framing, here is one example of framed Amate art. This piece is not for sale.
Items can be purchased only through our Etsy store
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ET SY store
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Dear Customers,
Welcome to our new site.  After 6 years on the Internet, in April 2016 we decided to change our focus from many artisans and vendors to a single Etsy store which can be accessed from this site. We will display on this site some of our new creations and products, but the full range of products available for sale can now be ordered on the Etsy store site. Scroll down to see some of our new (and old) creations and products. Thanks to all our many customers for using our site in the past 6 years.
We would love to have you check out our Etsy store for our latest handmade creations and products from Mari's  workshop and studio, as well as unique Mexican and Central American arts brought back from explorations there.

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We also remain a gateway for quilting and embroidery creations by Lynn Herrmann and Karen Lee

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  1. Quilted Ball Ornaments
    Price: $19.95
    Quilted Ball Ornaments
    Color: blue, gold and blue with gold ribbon. Quilted looking without sewing.
  2. Tee Shirt Quilts
    Price: Starting $125.00
    Tee Shirt Quilts
    101MG082. Tee shirt quilt. Preserve your memories and recycle your old tee shirts. We can put one together for you, just contact us for details. Prices starting at $125.00
  3. Quilted Wall Hanging
    Price: $200.00
    Quilted Wall Hanging
    101MG031. Perfect for decorating a baby girls room. Great gift idea for a baby shower or welcoming your new little one home. Measures approx 33" x 46"
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  1. Trees, Set #1
    Price: $12, Set of 4
    Trees, Set #1
    210JH001, Multimedia Cards designed by Judy Hayes
  2. Places, Set #2
    Price: $12, Set of 4
    Places, Set #2
    210JH002, Multimedia Cards designed by Judy Hayes
  3. Leaves, Set #3
    Price: $12, Set of 4
    Leaves, Set #3
    210JH003, Multimedia Cards designed by Judy Hayes
  4. Birds, Set #4
    Price: $12, Set 0f 4
    Birds, Set #4
    210JH004, Multimedia Cards designed by Judy Hayes
  1. Corn Husk Dolls
    Price: $123.00 SOLD
    Corn Husk Dolls
    110SM070. Mexico. 13 piece Nativity set made in wonderful detail especially for Something and More. Dolls are approximately 6 inches tall.
  2. Banana Necklace
    Price: $40.00
    Banana Necklace
    110SM037. Costa Rica. An usual piece of jewelry made from all natural products. Resin coated banana with silk scarf. Matching earrings and bracelet sold separately.
  3. Amate Paper Art
    Price: $30.00
    Amate Paper Art
    110SM055. Mexico. Amate paper has been manufactured in Mexico since the pre Hispanic time. This piece measures 12" x 15.5" and is signed by the artist.
  4. Stone Carved Fish
    Price: $40.00
    Stone Carved Fish
    110SM051. Guatemala. A beautiful accent piece. Carved pink stone Measures 7.5 inches at the highest point and 8.5 inches at it's widest point.
  5. Black Beaded Handbag
    Price: $29.00
    Black Beaded Handbag
    110SM009. Mexico. Cotton cloth handbags. Measures 9" x 13" with a 3" natural weave trim. 13.5" wood handles.
  6. Woven Place Mats Napkins
    Price: $25.00
    Woven Place Mats Napkins
    110SM014. Mexico. Place mats with matching napkins. Measures approximately 21"x13.5" inches with fringe. The napkins are 14.5" x 14". Sold in sets of 4 place mats with 4 napkins asst.colors.
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  1. Large Swan Butternut
    Price: $120.00
    Large Swan Butternut
    112HV016. Carving is made of butternut wood, 13 inches long, 9.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Also available in small and medium sizes.
  2. Screech Owl
    Price: $230.00
    Screech Owl
    112HV114. This large Screech Owl is 11 inch tall on a tree trunk base. Bases may vary. Made to order. please allow 4 weeks.
  3. Small Leghorn Rooster
    Price: $75.00
    Small Leghorn Rooster
    112HV111. Woodburned feather detail with pewter feet. Stands 7 inches tall on base. Local orders only, pewter legs too fragile to ship. Made to order, allow 4 weeks.
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  1. Little Girl's Fancy Quilt
    Price: $125.00
    Little Girl's Fancy Quilt
    102LH268. Size 38" x 48" with 10 machine embroidered designs in shades of pink.
  2. Circus Train Kids Quilt
    Price: $125.00
    Circus Train Kids Quilt
    102LH344. Size 33" x 40" with 12 machine embroidered clown and animal designs.
  3. Irish Charm Quilt
    Price: $265.00
    Irish Charm Quilt
    102LH356. Size 66" x 82" with 20 machine embroidered Irish inspired designs.
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